How to know the cost of your translation?

  • Send us simply an e-mail with your documents on: you will get quotation not later than within 60 minutes.

How to estimate the number of pages by yourself?

  • First you must know the number of characters or words in a file
  • If a file is in MsWord your program counts the number of characters or words.
  • You must count characters with spaces and then divide this number by 1600 which gives you the number of standard pages
  • You should add 10% to the number of pages because translated text is usually longer than the original
  • When you know the number of pages you may ask us for the price of the whole translation.

If the text is in other format than MsWord, you must:

  • Copy your text to MsWord and than proceed as above.

If you want to know the number of pages in case of certified translation, you need:

  • Divide the number of characters with spaces by 1125.
  • According to the Polish legal standards one page of certified translation consists of 1125 characters with spaces.

You may get detailed and valid quotation after sending us files by e-maile on:   Quotation you make by yourself is only approximate.